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Changshu Zhenfu New Materials Co., Ltd is a diversified chemical company reformed in 2011 by a well experienced steering team. The steering team has thirty years successful experience in chemical industry, strong technology and operation background, and close relationship in international fluorochemical industry. With our business partnership with leading chemical companies, technical resources and operation experience, we are marching on the way to a brilliant future.

We have 66667O land, 12600O facilities, 3600O administration building, and all utilities necessary. Our products including tetramethyl-piperidine-N-oxyl free radical,  diacetone alcohol, hexachloroethane, and etc.

We located in a well developed city, the Changshu city. It has a convenient traffic net covers Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Freeway and Yanjiang Freeway.

We take customer, good quality, reputation, and service as our core value. And ready to serve our customers, old and new, with competitive price and quality.

The general manager and the whole staff warmly welcome all friends and customers to visit our site. And we will provide you best products and service with sustainable improvement.

We will do our best to produce superior products and meet customers’ need. All customers are welcomed.


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Changshu Zhenfu New Materials Co., Ltd COPERIGHT 2011
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